Pillars of State

Reuters photo



Muhammad Shoaib Khan

Ever heard about a society which is entirely polarized, but people are living for their interests instead of a cause? Heard of a country having the sixth largest army and is an atomic power, where the government didn’t have many resources to run the country but the politicians have investments in foreign countries more than in their own country? Do you want to hear about a country rich in minerals, having more coal than the oil in the Middle East, but is still under international funds or wants money from the IMF to run the government? In the world one country exists; Pakistan.

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Trump’s Military Industrial Complex

AFP photo



Binoy Kampmark



“This budget will be a public safety and national security budget.”

President Donald J. Trump, Feb 27, 2017


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The Weapons Wizard


Ricardo Swire

Mainstream media reports usually expound about superpowers America and Russia’s warfare engagements on various offshore fronts, the USA able to deploy 1,400,000 Active Military Personnel to match Russia’s 766,055 of a similar status soldier.

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President Museveni reshuffles top military posts in Uganda, promoting Son to Senior Advisor


Gloria Nakiyimba

Uganda’s Opposition has described the latest changes within the army as a move by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni to fortify his grip on power.

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Celestial Empire


Ricardo Swire

On Tuesday March 15th 2016 the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) and the Peoples Liberation Army of China signed a multi-million dollar military agreement. The diplomatic protocol signaled another Chinese special equipment contribution to the BDF arsenal.

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