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The Party At The End Of The World

By Robert Kilborn

The Painter of Modern Life

  By Robert Kilborn It was my friend Margaret van Dyck the painter who told me about the Chinese artist who, when a patron visited him in his studio to buy a painting, would without looking up from his work gesture towards the finished canvases leaning against the studio walls. And then, when his patron […]


  By Robert Kilborn   DREAM WITH BIRDS, CLOUDS AND WATER   I met my friend Roger Stille the dancer on an early August afternoon when Montreal had reached that peak summer moment of sultry-humid, close, airless stillness, when its streets are like fissures in a ripe persimmon about to burst. For a month, nothing seems […]

Reactions to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015

  By Grégory Wilson  Recent months have been plagued by a series of terrorist attacks in several Western states. Each of these incidents were followed by a general outcry and outpouring of empathy from Western citizens around the globe. They also spurred Western leaders to publicly reaffirm that their populations will not be intimidated by […]

Step out smartly into Spring

By Robert Kilborn Monsieur Jean Clieze, an official of the province of Québec’s Ministère des Marches Ridicules, and a notorious flâneur, steps into Spring. In Montreal, we are well known for our joie de flâner, and for our smartly turned out flâneurs. You begin to notice them in spring, when the red buds of the […]

Photography: Movements in the Dark

  By Anna Grigorian The intangible nature of movements and light is used to express the intimate relationship between an artist and her art. Light and body movements are turned into brushes painting on light sensitive paper.


  By Ilona Martonfi


  By Ilona Martonfi