African leaders doing little to stem illicit drug trafficking

Marco Vernaschi



Joe Khamisi

Over the past decade Africa has moved closer to the top tier of countries most involved in the international smuggling of illicit drugs.

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Fiction: Bantusland


Nixon Mateulah

It is not always a good-hearted man and woman that give birth to good-hearted children, and vice-versa. A long time ago, in the southern tip of Africa, a very good-hearted couple gave birth to a very good-hearted and God fearing son that changed his people’s life forever and became the darling of the world.

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Botswana President takes over SADC chair from Mugabe

President Ian Khama



Mathew Masinge

Botswana President Ian Khama will be the man occupying the chairmanship seat of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) after accepting the role from his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe in Botswana’s capital city, Gaborone.

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Introduction by Michael Organ


Mario Macilau’s photography breathes truth from fire to a time lost and found in tomorrow. Belief and hope shine through despair, each image glowing with life, the photographer’s eye ever open to that hidden from feeling. Continue reading “OCTOBER PHOTOS”