The P.U.Ps release their first album


Musa Gift Masombuka

The P.U.Ps release their first album that has been on hold from 2015 due to some difficulties. The album is titled THE PROMISE and has been released 17 March 2017.

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Film, Arts and Entertainment with Fana Sooka

Arts & Culture competition 2015



Musa Gift Masombuka 

Born in 1994, the fourth of seven sons of Monicca Annah Sooka, Fana Sooka began school in 2002 at Regae Primary school, going on to secondary in Majatladi, South Africa. He had been an extrovert and was interested mostly in entertainment, always feeling vibrant over the performing lessons, known as Arts & Culture.

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Interview with writer Wilfred Lungile Seliba


Musa Gift Masombuka talks with Wilfred Lungile Seliba about his career as a scriptwriter.

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South African Poet Musa Gift Masombuka releases his third collection


Musa Gift Masombuka is an eighteen year old South  African author. He published his first collection at the age of 15, titled Flog A Dead  Horse: Poetry Anthology.

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