The Inside War


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Zeeshan A. Shah

For the past eight years India has been the world’s largest arms importer, buying over $100 billion in weapons each year, two-thirds of which are deployed against Pakistan.

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The story of Stateless people


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Mehedi Hasan

The Rohingya is often said to be the world’s most persecuted minority. They are an ethnic Muslim group in the majority Buddhist country and make up around one million of the total 50 million population.

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Trump, the Islamic Alliance and Pakistan

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Imad Zafar

Change is the only law of nature that is and will always be constant. Civilizations can never be made stagnant nor can they be imprisoned in a certain period or specific time. Ideologies and patterns of thinking in civilizations always change with the shift in balance of power.

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The New American-Saudi-Muslim Alliance

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Sami Jamil Jadallah

As the ‘mainstream media’ besieged President Donald Trump’s touchdown in Riyadh on his first international trip where he was expected to receive a lavish and unprecedented reception by Saudi officials to attend a busy two day summit with Saudis, GCC leaders and heads of states from the Islamic world (minus Iran), we all know what the rewards for America will be after 8 years of a lean and mean relationship with President Obama.

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Being Muslim is a Pre-Existing Condition

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Ahmed Tharwat

The frat boys of the Republican House of Representatives, celebrating the TrumpCare win in the Rose Garden was the most disgusting, lewd political act in recent years. We aren’t even going to talk about the absence of women in this political binge celebration.

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