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Kalonzo Musyoka’s Presidential goal is untenable

By Joe Khamisi As was widely expected, Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, leader of the opposition Wiper Democratic Party, appears ready to activate plan B in his determination for a second stab at the presidency in the August 8 general elections in Kenya.

Relax, President Uhuru Kenyatta, relax!

Reuters photo   By Joe Khamisi The Founding President Jomo Kenyatta did it, so did Mwai Kibaki. Now, Uhuru Kenyatta is doing it.

Mess with these two Kenyan icons at your own peril

PSCU photo   By Joe Khamisi If there are two people Kenyan politicians must not mess with, it is the former President Daniel Arap Moi, and Mama Ngina, wife of founding father Jomo Kenyatta and mother of incumbent President Uhuru.

Uhuru Kenyatta must be prepared to lose unless he changes tactics

By Joe Khamisi If free and fair elections were to be held today, Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga would most likely upset the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenya’s political ‘titanic battle’ only a year away

By Joe Khamisi After the weekend of political jamborees, defections, financial wastages, hyperboles, and sideshows, the race for the 2017 general elections in Kenya has begun in earnest.

What Does Kenya’s Oppositionist Raila Odinga Really Want?

By Joe Khamisi This week I took the trouble to obtain and read the report of the subcommittee on African Affairs of the US Senate on what transpired in Kenya in 2007/2008. Titled “The immediate and underlying causes and consequences of Kenya’s flawed election,” the report is based on the hearings that took place on […]

The State of Free Primary Education in Kenya

By James Ouma It is 9 am. The shrill sound of a woman arguing with her husband blares from the twin-speakers of a small transistor radio as 14 year-old Blessing Adote prepares for this year’s KCPE. Blessing and his younger siblings live with his family in their single-iron-roomed house in Congo, Kawangware.

My personal tribute to the fallen Hon. Otieno Kajwang’

  By Joe Khamisi If there is one week I would want to forget quickly it is this. A single tragedy turned what could have been an ordinary week into one that left me in shock, sadness and nostalgia. The sudden death of ODM legislator Otieno Kajwang’ at the prime of his political career stunned […]

Youthful sharks out to torpedo Raila’s ambition

  By Joe Khamisi Kenya’s Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga must be feeling the heat. The man who is known for destroying parties from within is today faced with an internal crisis in his own opposition party that is endangering his political future.


  By Joe Khamisi Until now, William Samoei Ruto has performed remarkably well as Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.


  By Joe Khamisi If what took place in Migori last week had happened during the times of Jomo Kenyatta or Daniel arap Moi, Kenyans would still be counting bodies days after the nearly catastrophic event in Nyanza, the perceived stronghold of opposition leader Raila Odinga.