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Pakistan’s new season of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Reuters photo   By Imad Zafar To understand the dynamics of Pakistani politics, one needs to watch the popular drama series ‘Game of Thrones’. Based on George R R Martin’s series of novels ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ this drama serial focuses on the moves and conspiracies to win power games. I am sure […]

Panama verdict: Sharif injured but survives to fight the ‘Godfathers’

AFP photo   By Imad Zafar Finally after a long wait, the verdict of the Panama Papers case in Pakistan has been announced. Five judges gave a lease of life to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by not disqualifying him on the petition filed by Imran Khan and company.

The Power of Propaganda

Reuters photo   By Imad Zafar Someone once asked an ex French President why he did not marry. He answered, “I was looking for my ideal woman all my life.” The person asked “So you did not find your ideal?,” to which the President replied “No, I actually found my ideal woman but her ideal […]

The Panama Papers case: A narrative against democracy

DP photo   By Imad Zafar The famous Panama leak case judgment is about to be announced in Pakistan. The highest court in Pakistan took months by hearing both the accuser and the defendants.

Kashmir: Born to Fight

Mukesh Gupta/Reuters   By Muhammad Shoaib Khan If you want to see heaven on earth, then you should visit the land of beauty, aka Kashmir. This land of beautiful sceneries, with fresh water rivers and lush green trees is situated in the north of Pakistan. It is considered a Paradise, a dream place for living. […]

Pak-India Composite Dialogue: An Analysis

By Raja Farrukh Zeb   The two states Pakistan and India started their formal dialogue at the end of 1947, to talk about the payment of money to Pakistan along with a share in the assets, which India denied at first. The two countries also held meetings in 1972 to discuss the issue of the […]

CPEC and the Regional Re-alignment

By Sabena Siddiqi China and Pakistan started the China Pakistan Economic Corridor project in 2015, it is China’s largest investment in any foreign country to date and promises to be a game-changer for the entire region.

Will terrorism in Pakistan ever end?

AFP photo   By Muhammad Waqas Awan For over a decade, Pakistan has been facing a war against terror for no reason other than two army dictators, one of whom General Zia, who gave us Kalashnikov culture, the other Pervez Musharraf, who shook hands with the US in the war on terror; as a result of which more than 75,000 […]

Suicide bomber kills at least 70 at Pakistan hospital, IS claims responsibility

Naseer Ahmed/Reuters   By Gul Yousafzai A suicide bomber in Pakistan killed at least 70 people and wounded more than 100 on Monday in an attack on mourners gathered at a hospital in the southwestern city of Quetta, the Islamic State and a Taliban faction claiming responsibility.

CPEC: Centre of the World

By Sabena Siddiqi The China Pakistan Economic Corridor runs through one of the most important and central geo-strategic locations in South Asia.

Pakistan Sufi singer Amjad Sabri assassinated in Karachi

AP photo   By Waqar Haider Another big name in Pakistan has been assassinated. The melodious voice of Amjad Sabri has been silenced, having been shot dead by gunmen in Karachi.

The Dream of Durable Peace

By Nasurullah Brohi The constant efforts for enduring peace in Afghanistan, essential for the long term, has always been a collective effort of the Afghan government and international community.

Pakistan’s D-Chowk: A history of protest and change

By Waqar Haider D-Chowk is situated in the Red Zone area of Islamabad. The famous Chowk is always crowded by activists, people against the government or opposition parties. D-Chowk has been witness to so many protests and sit-ins held from 1980 to the present day.

Iran’s President visits Pakistan as terror strikes in Lahore

By Waqar Haider The first visit by Irani President Hassan Rouhani to Pakistan left too many controversies.

Militancy setting down roots in Pakistan

By Sattar Rind It may or may not be accepted, but it is a fact that most political parties at a national level in Pakistan, either directly or indirectly are supporting the Islamic militants.

Does ISIS Exist in Pakistan or Not?

By Sattar Rind In January the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of Pakistan Raheel Sharif issued a statement that ISIS does not exist in Pakistan.

Intriguing Politics and the Murder of Benazir Bhutto

By Sattar Rind Interesting developments are currently being observed in Pakistan, especially matters related to Operation Karachi and the Benazir Bhutto murder case.

Pakistan and General Zia

By Sattar Rind The twelve point ‘Objectives Resolution’ defines the basic directive of the new state principles presented by the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan on March 7, 1949 in the Constituent Assembly. In 1973 it was then made part of the Constitution of Pakistan under Article 2(A).

Indo-Pakistan Talks and the expected result

By Sattar Rind New but expected talks between India and Pakistan have been announced on the occasion of the fifth meeting of the heart of Asia-Istanbul process held in Islamabad, jointly hosted by Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on 8-9 December.

Pakistan, Terrorism and Human Rights

  By Muhammad Waqas Awan The black day of 16th December 2014 can never be wiped from the mind of Pakistani people when the APS was attacked by terrorists and more then 142 children were brutally killed.

Action against Corruption

  By Sattar Rind ‘Politics of the 90s’ is a popular phrase for the people of Pakistan who had observed their country’s activities throughout that decade. It could be characterised as the politics of conflict and confrontation between the Pakistan Peoples Party, PPP and the Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Sharif‘s group, PMLN.

Pakistan hit by new spate of suicide attacks

  By Sattar Rind It has now been over a year since Pakistan’s comprehensive joint military operation, Zarb-e-Azb (sharp and cutting strike), began. This operation is against local or foreign militants who are hiding in the safe havens of North Waziristan and other parts of the Pak-Afghan Border areas.

Politicians’ lost sympathies

  By Sattar Rind Politicians in Pakistan fail to serve their nation, neglecting to enhance the democratic norms, values and culture of the country. Politicians have changed the meaning of the word ‘politics’ to something that has now soured for all rational beings of society who wanted it to be deep rooted in their country. […]

Pakistan’s Child Sexual Abuse Scandal

  By Sattar Rind A few days ago in the daily newspapers of Pakistan news emerged that a gang of twenty five people had been making pornographic videos of children between the ages of six and sixteen. The abuse was said to have taken place in the village of Husain Khanwala in the Pakistani Kasur […]

A General who became a hero

By Sattar Rind Following the passing of Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah a year within gaining independence in 1947, no one individual had moved the country forward, politicians instead blaming one another and calling them an agent of India. Everyone wanted to acquire more power from a relative infant country, all for personal leverage.

Bleeding Pakistan and Future Strategy

  By Fehmeedah Khalid The Peshawar incident is not a mere terrorist attack on our children but an attack on our future.


By Sabin Muzaffar Over the past several days Pakistan has witnessed a tumultuous chain of events. A previously unknown scholar imported from the West, and a charmingly hedonistic cricketer, have become unlikely heroes to a following of millions by rallying peacefully in the name of ‘Change’ in Islamabad.

The MQM in Pakistan

  By Sattar Rind The Muhajir (migrated people) Qaumi Movement turned into the Muttahida (united) Qaumi Movement (MQM), an ethnic based political party fully propped up by Zia. It has grown into a terrorist organisation that has enormous support in the cities of Karachi and Hyderabad along with all cities and towns of the Sindh […]

Continuing India-Pakistan talks

By Sattar Rind Surprising actions are being observed in Pakistan in relation to the country’s relationship with India, something not witnessed throughout history.

Birthday Diplomacy and Terrorism

By Sattar Rind Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Pakistan was surprising for the people of both countries.