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Xenophobic Attacks: The Need For Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Readjustment

Reuters photo   By Durodola Tosin Brexit came as a shock not only to Europe but also to the entire World. After my coherent analysis of several factors and actors, I didn’t expect such an unwavering support by the people to reach such a decision.

The Forum for China-Africa Cooperation, Johannesburg 2015

By Adel Soualah The relationship between China and Algeria, and to the point of no return … The Johannesburg conference carries the shadow of the great images of China to development projects between the two countries extending up to 2025.

Africa, a continent already seeing the effects of climate change

By Adisa Amanor Wilks In some sense Africa is already experiencing a change in climate. From an increasingly erratic and unpredictable weather pattern in recent times, to recent floods in Burkina Faso and a prolonged drought in Ethiopia, all can be attributed to a change in climatic conditions, and pose significant threats to food security […]