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Is the NHS guilty of corruption?

PA photo   By Hazel Speed The NHS have been offering bribes to GPs (and who knows if others are also being similarly approached), in the hope they accept what they are being offered so that GPs will stop sending patients to hospitals, regardless of need.

Observations of an Expat: The Brexit Elephant

Reuters photo   By Tom Arms There was a massive elephant in the British House of Commons on Wednesday. It was rampaging back and forth across the chamber, overturning tables, loudly trumpeting and waving his trunk from side to side. Its name was Brexit.

Mrs May’s Ode to Brexit Joy

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed Prime Minister’s Question Time in UK Parliament on Wednesday was another rowdy affair.

GPs: Hippocratic or Hypocritic Oath?

Keith Brofsky/AFP   By Hazel Speed The words of Sir Thomas More that our Souls are beyond monetary value is oddly, and sadly, not quantifiable with modern medical equipment to measure a soul akin taking to monitoring a person’s blood pressure, or any more than a liar’s tongue is incapable of being held to stop […]

GPs to be accessible 7 days a week

Anthony Devlin/PA   By Hazel Speed Although there are many facets of socio-medical care, at least Mrs May has made a start by her latest remarks in that she will enforce GP’s surgeries to remain open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm as long as there are patients wishing appointments.

Mrs May: By what efficacy can her new ideals be realised?

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed There is a great old saying ‘fine words butter no parsnips‘. It means that talk is all well and good, but without action and evidence thereof, then everything is reduced to words, no matter how altruistically meant.

NHS – Paramedics, Hospitals and Patients

Emma Satchell   By Hazel Speed In recent times I have been edified of stories and situations which prove any ambitions the Government may have regarding NHS issues are not going to happen soon and probably not for a decade or more, if then, who can know or guess.

How the NHS Can Save and Raise Money

SPL photo   By Hazel Speed First of all the NHS must have spent a huge amount of money putting together the TV campaign telling us to stay well.

NHS – English required to prove Nationality with Passport and Utility Bill

PA photo   By Hazel Speed There is a certain irony in this because for years, many English people have been annoyed that NHS Forms (and other Government ones), for the sake of political correctness, have not allowed Indigenous English people to say they are English but British, whereas all other UK and world nations […]

Personal, home and voice activated protection

Antony Gormley   By Hazel Speed It was inevitable that with modern technology progressing and being all-pervasive, we have now reached the need to protect ourselves in every interaction.

Will we ever learn from political history?

By Hazel Speed Those of a certain age within the UK will have survived one political strategy/power or another. Playing the system was always better than head-on collisions. No better example can be found than the years when Mrs Thatcher ruled the roost.

Junior Doctors and the Hippocratic Oath

David Rowe   By Hazel Speed Many will be relieved to learn that the proposed Junior Doctors’ strike in the UK has been averted – even if the next one scheduled does still goes ahead. At least for now, there is time for the BMA, Junior Doctors and their representatives to try and come to […]

GPs and appointment times

McGovern   By Hazel Speed Consider this scenario… Our bodies, as yet, are not aware they must only become unwell Monday to Friday 9-5 or even more restricted hours and give us written on line notice 5 weeks ahead of the symptom(s) if there is a hope of getting an appointment before one of us […]

New Lamps for Old

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed Having grown up in an era where different brands and packets of cigarettes were as many and varied as two football teams and their reserve players, and promoted on TV and all forms of advertising available then, it is interesting to see the changes in stance over the years […]

Hats Off to John Humphrys

PA photo   By Hazel Speed BBC Radio 4 ‘The Today Programme’ broadcast an interview with Owen Smith which is a Classic of its Genre, but not for the right reasons as far as Mr. Smith is concerned.

Observations of an Expat: Brexit Repercussions

By Tom Arms It looks like Marx was right. The world revolution will start in Britain. It started on Thursday.

The Changing Face of Britain: Islamophobia

  By Sabena Siddiqi Islamophobia is back again in British politics. More frequent attacks on mosques and gradual, growing support for far-right groups reminds us that anti-Muslim feeling is on the increase. The perspective on Islam has changed since 9/11, it is simply not so easy anymore for Muslims living in the West.