Biafra and finding the Nigerian black box


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Prince Charles Dickson

The land of the rising sun…Biafrans, Igbos, the South, Federating units, restructuring…revenue formula are some of the words that are trending, there are hate speeches from all sides, the Jewish Rabbi Nnamdi Kanu having also been in the mix. And if I say that all this is the usual noise, I may only be naive, and if I say it is a serious matter, I would still need to be proved right or else I would been seen as naive.

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Nigeria’s oil militancy: Did the Minister lie?

Olu Ajayi



Awesu Olaniyi Williams

Our culture doesn’t permit us to say an elderly person has lied, not to talk of someone in power. Such address seems haphazardly spurious to ethical paradigm. But expressions like “Economical with the truth” might aptly capture the mind of the above heading.

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Sweet Crude: Has Nigeria been used and dumped?

George Osodi



Awesu Olaniyi Williams

If America was to have an assigned gender, it would be a male. Forget any misogynistic tendency, the US has always been a master charmer from the days of the Marshall Plan to the post cold war era.

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Peace or War – Revisiting the Nigerian conundrum


Madamidola Oladele

Developments in the Nigerian State from the beginning of the 21st century to date have called for serious pondering on my part. So much water has passed under the Nigerian bridge; many events and catastrophes; many takes and mistakes; minor improvements and major setbacks.

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Elder Orubebe, Trump and other stories


Prince Charles Dickson


There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full  –  Henry A. Kissinger


A Professor was traveling from Accra to Tamale in Ghana, and somewhere between the Eastern and Ashanti Regions, one of the tyres in the front wheel of his car removed and went into the bush. And because he wasn’t speeding due to the poor state of the road, he and the car didn’t suffer any injuries or damages but the bolts holding the tyre got lost.

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Inside Boko Haram: An Era of Extremism and Regional Instability


Anant Mishra


Nigeria has a history of Islamist sects within its borders. Not all have been violent movements, some existing peacefully in parallel with the state. And not all of Nigeria’s violent sects are Islamist; one such is the Ombatse cult, which clashed with security forces in Nasarawa state in May 2013.

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