Stephen Kinnock: The Leader of the Labour Party if they ever hope to win an Election

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Hazel Speed

Taking a hint is difficult, as is blunt speaking, but when a whole country and someone like Labour MP Stephen Kinnock keeps declaring that the Labour Party, and its present (albeit nice man, but, etc), needs to change its act, perhaps even Mr Corbyn may listen this time.

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Nuclear Failure: On the verge of World War 3

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Ogunniyi Abayomi

From a disagreement between the idealist and realist over the struggle of authority, the First World War erupted, likewise the Second World War, followed by the Cold War between America and the now defunct Soviet Union, fighting together against the super power of Europe as allies in spite of the hostile relationship between both states.

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Leaders brief Congress at White House on North Korea threat

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Kanwal Abidi

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Marine Corps General Joe Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, briefed members of Congress at the White House earlier on the review President Donald J. Trump ordered of U.S. policy toward North Korea.

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Trump is not Kennedy and this is 2017

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Hazel Speed

Those of us who recall The Bay of Pigs, even though we were children, just by listening to the news and hearing what our parents thought on the issues, we knew that we were at risk of missiles being used. Everyone was nervous. The same feeling has now returned, the threat is more deadly than ever and neither side is bluffing.

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North Korea: A Global Threat


David Adejumo

North Korea has over the years emerged as a Global threat. The country officially called the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), which many describe as an autocratic, totalitarian State with a reckless, uncultured and perverted juvenile (Kim Jong-un) as Supreme Leader of an indoctrinated population of over 25 million people, has since 2006 pursued a needless nuclear ambition. Jong-un, as a result of his political and diplomatic naivety, has aggravated the bitterness and resentment between North Korea and Western Global powers.

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