The New American-Saudi-Muslim Alliance

Reuters photo



Sami Jamil Jadallah

As the ‘mainstream media’ besieged President Donald Trump’s touchdown in Riyadh on his first international trip where he was expected to receive a lavish and unprecedented reception by Saudi officials to attend a busy two day summit with Saudis, GCC leaders and heads of states from the Islamic world (minus Iran), we all know what the rewards for America will be after 8 years of a lean and mean relationship with President Obama.

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Nigeria’s oil militancy: Did the Minister lie?

Olu Ajayi



Awesu Olaniyi Williams

Our culture doesn’t permit us to say an elderly person has lied, not to talk of someone in power. Such address seems haphazardly spurious to ethical paradigm. But expressions like “Economical with the truth” might aptly capture the mind of the above heading.

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Sweet Crude: Has Nigeria been used and dumped?

George Osodi



Awesu Olaniyi Williams

If America was to have an assigned gender, it would be a male. Forget any misogynistic tendency, the US has always been a master charmer from the days of the Marshall Plan to the post cold war era.

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Venezuela: Time to Prevent Another Syria

John Moore/AFP



Cynthia M. Lardner


Comparing and Contrasting Venezuela and Syria


The world stands by in horror watching the Syrian War crisis unfold in the news. Now with over 150 countries, paramilitary groups and terrorist groups involved, there is no answer to the question of how to create peace. The harsh reality is that the peacekeeping and peacebuilding needed to start before conflict escalated into a civil war.

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Energy sector development in British Columbia, Canada putting indigenous women at risk

Amnesty International Canada

Photo/Amnesty International



Amnesty International

Decades of unchecked energy sector development and government policy failures have put the lives of indigenous women and girls at risk and strained the social fabric of communities in Canada’s British Columbia province, human rights NGO Amnesty International said in a new report published.

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The lies of Lai, Nigerian stories and one pound

NAN photo



Prince Charles Dickson

So I decided to read a Lai related news item, and that was when my admonition for this week took shape…

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