Australian free speech defenders silent on the issue of Palestine

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Rupen Savoulian

A few months ago, we wrote about the issue of free speech, and specifically the Australian politicians who were most zealous in their desire to defend this noble ideal. Several ultra-right wing political figures, Murdoch media commentators and free-market fundamentalist fanatics took up the cause of free speech when demanding the repeal of Section 18C, the provision of the Racial Discrimination Act that outlaws racially-motivated hate speech.

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Campaign launched for UK to ban imports from illegal Israeli settlements


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Amnesty International

Human Rights NGO Amnesty International have stated that the UK should ban the import of all goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements and help put an end to the multimillion-pound profits that have fuelled mass human rights violations against Palestinians.

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Thawing the frozen Israeli-Palestinian conflict


Cynthia M. Lardner

The frozen Israeli-Palestinian conflict has raged on almost since the day Israel achieved independence in 1948, further degrading the most destabilized region in the world.

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Israeli cabinet approves first West Bank settlement in 20 years

Ronen Zvulun

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Maayan Lubell

Israel’s security cabinet on Thursday approved the building of the first new settlement in the occupied West Bank in two decades, even as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu negotiates with Washington on a possible curb on settlement activity.

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The Price of Fear, the Price of Dictatorship

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Sami Jamil Jadallah


Revisiting the Arab Spring


I grew up when there were curfews that lasted for days, when listening to the wrong radio station could land you in jail, when a stupid, illiterate “security/mokhabarat” could haul you to jail for no reason and I remember when and actually saw “darak” policemen on horses raid villages breaking into homes mixing rice, oil, lentil and flour in the middle of the floor.

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NAFTA, the State Department and USAID

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Cynthia M. Lardner


What the Trump Administration Needs to Learn about Soft Power

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The Arab World: What Went Wrong

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Sami Jamil Jadallah

In order for the Arab world to catch up with the rest of the world, not in buying weapons or engaging in more wars (27 wars among Arabs only and counting), but to catch up in education, science, technology, vocational training, job training, employment and rights of citizenship, it must stop blaming its failures on “colonialism”, “Zionism” or “American Imperialism”, and instead address the social, educational, political, economic, military, security and religious institutions that contributed to such failings.

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