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Environment Consciousness in Ancient India

By Kaushik Acharya The Vedas are the first texts in the literature of the human race. They deal with knowledge, both physical and spiritual.

Philosophy within Expressions

Colin O’Brien   By Hazel Speed I wonder if the young generations of today will be creating expressions which have a philosophical meaning for themselves and their children in the way of their Grandparents’ sayings. If so, I wonder what they might be.

The Non-Biodegradable Apple

Richard Sandler   By Hazel Speed   An exercise in Marketing: Two Sales Executives compare their strategies and results, see which you think works the best.   The two top executives of H & H Creations Limited (Sales and Marketing Department) enjoyed their usual post-campaign repartee over a drink.

The Tragic Conventions In African Plays

Patrick Willocq   By Shola Balogun The traditional Africa is undoubtedly communal. The passivity and conformity of the African under a compelling authority can be explained in accordance with his affirmation of self-will and perception of collective spirit. His penchant for honour is far more intricate and demonstrably cultural.

Lessons from Q

By Hazel Speed Q is a letter of the alphabet and is also utilised as itself within literature, films and television.


Xavier Serra   By Hazel Speed Incongruity is a great way to utilise both the esoteric, eclectic, and lateral thinking to achieve results in most areas of networking, albeit socially or as a business tool.

Ethics in AI

Alicia Vikander / UPI   By Alève Mine It is about time I’d write this. The need was sparked by an article I read about ethics in artificial intelligence last December. It forwarded a professor’s suggestion that we should have AI learn our ethics. My throat jumped into my brain, screaming soundless and holding itself […]

The Misconception of Birthday

By Ebi Robert There is a plethora of debatable conceptions, convincingly expended by people without any form of probing in their use. While some use such words which might be compound or not, without doing the probe, others like me access the permutation of letters and end with a ‘why’, where the need arises.

Thought as a Non-Algorithmic Process: Strong AI and Consciousness

By Sudeep Adhikari  Thought is an inexact certitude of present. “Expression of Thoughts”, either oral or written, happens in the plane of reference, a Euclidian kind of space of representational exactness.

A short musing on Monarchy and Modern Democracy – The identical twins

By Vickie Zisman I have been thinking lately, what with the European refugee crisis and the self-professed gurus of doom and backlash (like Stefan Molyneux). And all of a sudden it struck me – I remembered our family saying that even in a fool’s words lies a grain of truth. Thus Molyneux turned the light on this chasm […]

Masterpieces of astronomy for over 1000 years

By Narges Kharghani   The most accurate calendar in the world    The Iranian astronomy calendar is the most accurate and most complete calendar in world. The calendar was written according to the Earth’s motion around the sun. For example, compared to the a.d. calendar which has an error of one day every 3320 years, […]


By Musa Gift Masombuka

Rationality in the Terrorist Era

By Sattar Rind It appears to have become a new culture of thinking in this terrorist era that we are observing things only through the terrorism perspective rather a feared perception of terrorism. I think we must avoid this.

ISIS in History

By Sattar Rind Some may not be aware of the fact that in the Muslim world, the people who are killing mercilessly in the name of God and that have changed the meaning of the word ‘brutality’, are the followers of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, from the 18th century, a great companion of Muhammad ibn Saud, […]

History, Memory And Myth

By Ananya S Guha  History, memory and myths are some of the grand narratives in an individual’s life. Just as there is collective history, there is individual history as well. But what are ‘historical events’ is the question.

ISIS and Muslim countries

  By Sattar Rind The meaning of life is one of the many unsolved problems in philosophy that seeks answers from the questions posed by the universe. It is the theologians however who are apparently deemed the most definite people of this world. Absolute truth and any questioning of doubt is forbidden in religion, especially in […]

Mirages and Visions

  By Hira Azhar Somewhere above the rainbow; somewhere below the shadow; somewhere around the light and somewhere above the height, we see a reflection of our own called a mirage.