A Liberal who never trusted the Mainstream Media


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Sami Jamil Jadallah

Not so sure if you are like me, but I am a liberal, not a Democratic or Republican liberal but liberal in the sense that I feel the government must represent and be at the service of the people, all the people, not only Wall Street, Lobbyists and Washington Think Tanks.

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Ideological Battles Behind Enemy Lines

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Imad Zafar

Criticism is a healthy thing for society if the intention is to point towards the loopholes or problems. As an analyst, journalist or writer, one needs to identify the weaknesses that are prevailing in society. Quite often while criticizing or analysing situations we the journalists and writers sometimes become activists instead of writers, thus breaching the rule of objective journalism.

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The Power of Propaganda

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Imad Zafar

Someone once asked an ex French President why he did not marry. He answered, “I was looking for my ideal woman all my life.” The person asked “So you did not find your ideal?,” to which the President replied “No, I actually found my ideal woman but her ideal was not me.”

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Between Message and Martyrdom: The World Press Photo of the Year

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Binoy Kampmark


“Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood.”

Susan Sontag, On Photography (1977)

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Canada’s 150th: Celebration or Requiem?

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Dave Patterson


Canada turns 150 in 2017, and there is great celebration being planned. A great requiem for something that once aspired to be great but has tragically fallen to the dark side might be more appropriate…

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Hollywood, Propaganda and the American Culture of Division

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Valda Organ

Donald Trump and Meryl Streep. After Streep’s phony acid tongued diatribe at the Golden Globes and Donald Trump’s continuous stream of vitriol on twitter, you would be hard pressed to discern the difference between politician and actor. To understand how the water became so muddy, it must be said that the most subversive act anyone can commit is to write a story. The most effective and immediate way to deliver the subversive message is to film the story, release it to vast numbers of people, disguised as harmless entertainment.

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A Beacon of Justice, Security and Rule of Law: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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Cynthia M. Lardner

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is widely viewed as the most powerful woman not only in the EU but in the world. Today, Ms. Merkel is confronted with widespread criticism primarily from fringe groups in Germany threatening Germany’s long-standing status as being a leader in justice, security and adherence to Rule of Law.

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