Why I Marched

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Cynthia M. Lardner

On Saturday I participated in the Amsterdam Women’s March. It was far from a ‘Women’s March’, it was a people’s march – young and old, male and female, of every race and religion. The 3,000 protesters here generated an electrifying and contagious energy that is not going to be diminished going forward.

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Observations of an Expat: And So It Begins

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Tom Arms

And so it begins. Or at least it will on Friday January 20th when Donald Trump stands on the steps of the US Capitol building, places his hand on The Bible and swears to protect and uphold the constitution of the United States.

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Canada’s 150th: Celebration or Requiem?

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Dave Patterson


Canada turns 150 in 2017, and there is great celebration being planned. A great requiem for something that once aspired to be great but has tragically fallen to the dark side might be more appropriate…

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Cameroon President’s speech fails to address the nation

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Joseph Besong

Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon, has been at the helm of power for more than three decades. Many believe Cameroon is a haven of peace in Africa and the world at large. Recent unrest in the minority English region of Cameroon is an indication that things are not as people perceived them to be.

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Brexit – The Poison Chalice Before The Supreme Court

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Hazel Speed

What a total waste of time and money!

Monday was the first day of the Hearing before all eleven Judges of the Supreme Court in London in respect of the requirement, or otherwise, of the Mother of all Parliaments to “sign off” on the issues associated with Brexit prior to Article 50 being triggered in the Spring.

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