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Cheap Justice

Reuters photo   By Muhammad Shoaib Khan Once upon a time, a parrot and sparrow went to a forest. The forest had no sign of existing life. The parrot commented that only an imprudent will agree to live here because it is such a deserted place…

Naya Vs Old Pakistan

  By Hira Azhar When I was a child, I used to listen to slogans like ‘Pakistan ka matlab kia? La illaha illallah’ and and ‘lay k rahain gay Pakistan’. I often wondered why we are taught these slogans and why our parents and teachers keep on repeating them?

Karachi! Where are you?

  By Hira Azhar We are raised with the notions and sayings of a city generally referred to as the city of lights. The city where white light sparkles, where sun shines and where our noble hero Quaid e AzamĀ is lying has now become the city where people bleed, where gunshots are heard and the […]