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Getting a break with TV Networks and Radio

By Hazel Speed About 18 years ago I approached a broadcast network concerning one of my diverse number of projects.

Sir Mark Tully: Legend of Journalism, Radio and the BBC

  An interview by Ratnesh Dwivedi    This was my first chance to meet Mark Tully in person. I had interviewed him before over the telephone for a community radio station I set up in my previous organization in 2014. A magnificent personality, an excellent welcome and polished Hindi makes Mark Tully what he was in […]

An old medium in the pocket of new media

By Priyadarshini Kiran I still remember the day when I first met the father of Community Radio of India, Dr.R Sreedher, my Ph.D research guide, and heard about Internet Radio and its advanced new approach in the modern era. That was the year 2014 when in India, only one Internet Radio i-radio live was broadcast, but […]

Radio Listener Clubs promoted in South Sudan to empower rural communities

By Peter Louis The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is promoting ‘radio listener clubs’ in South Sudan as a community based communication platform, to provide women and youths in rural areas access to information, equal representation and participation in decision-making.

Mass Media’s role in Global Peace and Security

  By Florence Joseph Today, the most pressing need of mankind is peace – a peace that is based on righteousness and truth. Global peace and security cannot however be achieved without concentrated and collective efforts of the global community.

Police in Uganda arrest radio talk show host for criticising President

  By Robert Ssewankambo Police and the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for the Gulu District in Northern Uganda last week arrested Payira Bonny, a radio talk-show host and Programme Manager of Jal Fresh FM, for allegedly using abusive language against the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during a one hour talk-show which discussed political developments […]

MP and radio station owner in Uganda suspends journalists for giving air time to electoral opposition

  By Robert Ssewankambo Three journalists were last week suspended over hosting an opposition presidential hopeful who is also the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader, Kizza Besigye on Ugandan Baba FM radio without permission from station management.