Memories and Emotions

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Hazel Speed

I would like to share with you some special events and historic moments which moved me greatly and still do when I reflect on the same. All of us share in the ability to experience and show emotion. Often we are moved by the same things but then each of us has our own area that causes a tear to emerge.

May I share just a few which affect me in that way.

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The Last Night of the Proms – Post Brexit

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Hazel Speed

It is with great pride I write my own account of watching The Last Night of The Proms on BBC television this evening (Saturday 10th September 2016) – the 122nd such event since initiated by Sir Henry Wood, its Founder.

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The Greatest Beats Of Your Heart: Tony Prince


New, Old, Undiscovered or World Renowned, The Five Records You Can Always Turn To

Continuing the series of music articles in which individuals select five records particularly special to them, we today feature Tony Prince’s own selections and present the latest instalment of Tuck Magazine’s ‘The Greatest Beats of Your Heart’.

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