Interview With Poet Gopal Lahiri


“I believe poetry can’t be hurried and the dominant sound in this book is its quietness, its gentle collapse, its own unhurried music, its unsung harmonies” waxes poet Gopal Lahiri in a freewheeling interview with Sanjeev Sethi.

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Interview with Author Oswald Pereira


“It is word-of-mouth that puts your book on top of the charts.” says best-selling author Oswald Pereira in a literary interview with Sanjeev Sethi.

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‘This Summer And That Summer’: A Review




U Atreya Sarma

This Summer and That Summer is the third collection of poems by the Mumbai-based poet Sanjeev Sethi, his earlier two being Suddenly for Someone, and Nine Summers Later. A widely acclaimed author with his work featured in many journals and newspapers, he ensconces himself in the hearts of poetry and language lovers.

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