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Reuters photo   By Ron Larson


AFP photo   By Charlie Brice


AFP photo   By Ron Larson

Thump, RasPutin, and World Domination

Stevo Vasiljevic/AFP   By Wayne F Burke

Trump realized in a literary dream…or nightmare

Andrew Harnik/AP   By Abigail Rathbone One of the successful treatment aids to people suffering through chemo or radiation for cancer is Visualization in which the patient perceives the antagonistic cells as beings who can be vanquished and dismissed from the body. For those enduring the arrival of Trump as an onslaught on the U.S. […]

Do as I say!

Brian McDermid/Reuters   By Jerry Vilhotti

The Twelve Days of Brexit

Ronya Galka   By Hazel Speed   Brexit in song


Tony Profine   By Ron Larson

Satire and Comic Ribaldry in a Traditional African Theatre

By Shola Balogun The interplay of satire and comic ribaldry as a specified art of the traditional Yoruba gelede theatre and its aesthetic framework within postcolonial African experience can be interrogated as a provenance to the place of folk theatre in contemporary theatre arts theory and criticism.

Notes from America: The Condom Uprising in Egypt!

By Ahmed Tharwat “You should wear a condom on every conceivable occasion” goes the saying, with one exception, never during the Egyptian National Police Day, a day that was overshadowed five years ago by the January 25th Revolution….. For the recent Police Day, the hype reached a new hysterical and bizarre level considering all the atrocities […]

Letters from Collins Arikor to a not-yet-30 Nigerian girl

  By Arikor Ogonnaya Dear not-yet-30 Nigerian girl, I duly received your earlier letter asking me what you must do before you turn 30. It was a very expressive letter, though only flawed with a couple of grammatical errors here and there.

Charlie Hebdo and the enemies of free speech

By Val B. Russell Satire defined: The artistic form in which human or individual vices, folly, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, or other methods, sometimes with an intent to bring about improvement. Satire is but one expression of free speech and is particularly powerful when […]