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Why the American college kids on spring break chanted ‘Build that Wall’

Ben Brewer/Reuters   By Rupen Savoulian In March 2017, there were several reports that a group of American college kids, vacationing in Cancun, Mexico for their spring break, chanted the Trumpist slogan ‘Build that Wall’.

A Beacon of Justice, Security and Rule of Law: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Frank Augstein/AP   By Cynthia M. Lardner German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is widely viewed as the most powerful woman not only in the EU but in the world. Today, Ms. Merkel is confronted with widespread criticism primarily from fringe groups in Germany threatening Germany’s long-standing status as being a leader in justice, security and […]

The European Union – building lethal walls

By Rupen Savoulian The scandal is not the mass migration of refugees into Europe – the scandal is how the European Union is treating them.

Brussels and the enigma of international security

By Sattar Rind European security has failed badly and is not working, something we have for a long time been hearing, especially after 9/11, when European countries’ security measures had supposedly been increased. This was proved further following the 7/7 attacks in London, the tallest claims of any such strengthening falling for the world to see.