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The P.U.Ps release their first album

By Musa Gift Masombuka The P.U.Ps release their first album that has been on hold from 2015 due to some difficulties. The album is titled THE PROMISE and has been released 17 March 2017.

Xenophobia and its interpretation within South Africa’s foreign communities

By Ogunniyi Abayomi The Nigerian and foreign communities in South Africa endure a turbulent atmosphere within their domain; be killed or watch your property burgled by radical youths. This is enacted by the myopic ideology over the dominance and control of economic, social and financial institutions by foreigners earning more than the citizens of South […]

Xenophobic Attacks: The Need For Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Readjustment

Reuters photo   By Durodola Tosin Brexit came as a shock not only to Europe but also to the entire World. After my coherent analysis of several factors and actors, I didn’t expect such an unwavering support by the people to reach such a decision.

Fiction: A Game of Hoopla

Madoda Mkhobeni   By Nixon Mateulah


Nardus Engelbrecht/AP   By Chestlyn Draghoender

Africa hobbling out of the International Criminal Court

Reuters photo   By Joe Khamisi Africa, it seems, has begun the long-talked about process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Cecil Rhodes must fall, but Mahatma Gandhi must stand – two statues and two controversies

Rodger Bosch/AFP   By Rupen Savoulian In October of this year, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi was removed from the grounds of the University of Ghana, only a few months after it had been erected there as a presentation from the visiting Indian President, Pranab Mukherjee.

African leaders doing little to stem illicit drug trafficking

Marco Vernaschi   By Joe Khamisi Over the past decade Africa has moved closer to the top tier of countries most involved in the international smuggling of illicit drugs.

Justice, Security and Rule of Law: The Pakistani-India Conflict

Indranil Mukherjee/AFP   By Cynthia M. Lardner

Solving Nigeria’s problems at 56

Akintunde Akinleye/Reuters   By Prince Charles Dickson Bring a male and female squirrel, a virgin turtle, seven white doves, an animal without a spine, and three kola nuts, one white, two brownish red ones and a necklace worn by a woman that has had twins three times…

Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing

Guang Niu   By Cynthia M. Lardner Genocide and ethnic cleansing, forms of Scientific Racism, have been around since the beginning of time. Since the Holocaust, various conventions and treaties have been entered into making genocide a crime and ethnic cleansing a crime against humanity. International tribunals have been created, at great expense, to acknowledge […]

Film, Arts and Entertainment with Fana Sooka

Arts & Culture competition 2015   By Musa Gift Masombuka  Born in 1994, the fourth of seven sons of Monicca Annah Sooka, Fana Sooka began school in 2002 at Regae Primary school, going on to secondary in Majatladi, South Africa. He had been an extrovert and was interested mostly in entertainment, always feeling vibrant over […]

Observations of an Expat: ANC dominance in trouble in South Africa

Ben Curtis/AP   By Tom Arms ANC dominance of South Africa looks set to begin to end on the 3rd of August. And that will be a good thing.

Healing America’s Racial Divide

By Cynthia M. Lardner Deep-seated hatreds, prejudices and inequities as to African-Americans have divided America since the days of slavery. The United States has never accepted responsibility and atoned for the vestiges of slavery, with prejudice and the disparate treatment of African Americans continuing to this very day despite civil rights legislation dating back to […]

Interview with writer Wilfred Lungile Seliba

  Musa Gift Masombuka talks with Wilfred Lungile Seliba about his career as a scriptwriter.

In South Africa, boys are more likely to be sexually abused than girls

Brian Snyder/Reuters   By Alex Whiting Boys are slightly more likely to be sexually abused than girls in South Africa, where a third of all children have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime, according to the first-ever national study of child maltreatment.

Happy Freedom Day South Africa!

By Constance van Niekerk Happy Freedom Day South Africa, I can’t help but ask, are you really free? Or are you just under a different dictator?

South African Poet Musa Gift Masombuka releases his third collection

  Musa Gift Masombuka is an eighteen year old South  African author. He published his first collection at the age of 15, titled Flog A Dead  Horse: Poetry Anthology.

Fiction: Bantusland

By Nixon Mateulah It is not always a good-hearted man and woman that give birth to good-hearted children, and vice-versa. A long time ago, in the southern tip of Africa, a very good-hearted couple gave birth to a very good-hearted and God fearing son that changed his people’s life forever and became the darling of […]

Nigeria’s leadership roles in Africa

By Durodola Tosin Nigeria’s leadership roles in Africa have been evident since its year of independence. It is a well-known fact that over the years, Nigeria’s foreign policy has consistently been Afro-centric in nature. This is based on the belief that the security well-being of the country is hinged on the security and material wellbeing […]

Fiction: Samara

By Keletso Mopai


By Catherine Magodo-Mutukwa

Plane impounded in Zimbabwe after dead body and cash discovered

By Mathew Masinge The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe yesterday impounded a chartered MD11 trijet cargo plane owned by Western Global Airlines stashed with millions of South African rands and a dead body after it asked to land in Harare during a flight from Germany to South Africa.


By Musa Gift Masombuka

Inga dams: DRC and South Africa hope to speed up project

By Darell Maurice The Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa have reaffirmed their commitment to accelerate the planned extension of the hydroelectric Inga dams on the Congo River that could provide power to the whole of Africa.

Afro-xenophobic violence in South Africa and the call of history

  By Nana Arhin Tsiwah The recent spate of xenophobic violence in South Africa prompted me to write the following historical piece and why it is relevant to relate ideologically to the Cold War (1945-1989/90) and its consequent, the apartheid system. It is unfortunate that many black foreigners in South Africa, in spite of the […]

Politically Speaking, from South Africa

          By Denise Allen   South Africa is definitely a Third World country, no matter how much we, its citizens, like to pretend otherwise and its reputation has deteriorated under its present stewardship. This is no longer the country envisaged by our first African National Congress (ANC) president Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela – […]


  By Don Beukes

When the Lioness Roars – Musola!

  By Mbizo Chirasha “The highly creative, internationally certified and immensely awarded Musola Cathrine Kaseketi is a very difficult celebrity to write about. Her creativity and experience are so vast and abundant that you can’t begin to arrive at something does justice to and fully profiles this iconic and monumental figure. An icon who has […]


  By Don Beukes