The lucrative Caribbean sea route


Ricardo Swire

Navigating the Caribbean Sea section of the Atlantic Ocean is a specialist skill. On the night of March 3, 2017 a St Vincent & the Grenadines flagged, 145 feet, inter-island schooner sank in Grenada’s territorial waters eight miles offshore.

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Marriage Of Convenience

Mohammed Jalil/EPA



Ricardo Swire

The Western Hemisphere is part of the globe that includes North and South America, accompanying islands and surrounding waters. The US State Department’s 2015 report stated South America and the Caribbean serve as areas of financial and ideological support for the Islamic State (IS), in addition to other Middle Eastern and South Asian terrorist groups.

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A Two Edged Sword

Orlando Sierra/AFP



Ricardo Swire

The Republic of Honduras is a hot and mountainous South American country, roughly the size of Louisiana in the USA. According to United Nations data Honduras is the most violent country in the Western Hemisphere, the mix of drugs trafficking, political instability and history contributing to a murder rate four times that of Mexico.

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Redefined Drug Trafficking Routes

USCG photo



Ricardo Swire

New drug trafficking patterns indicate the reintroduction of popular 1980s Caribbean routes. Drug shipment corridors between Peru, Colombia and the US are flexible, constantly evolving in response to law enforcement interdiction efforts or varying markets.

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The Fight Against Modern Slavery

REUTERS/Adnan Abidi



Belinda GoldsmithAstrid Zweynert and Alex Whiting

Nearly 46 million people around the world are living as slaves, forced to work in factories, mines and farms, sold for sex, trapped in debt bondage or born into servitude, according to the third Global Slavery Index released today.

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Bolivia Votes No


Grégory Wilson 

Bolivian President Evo Morales narrowly lost in a constitutional referendum that would have granted him and his vice-president the right to run for a fourth term.

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