Ireland’s Netherlands Factor

PA photo



Ricardo Swire

The Republic of Ireland is the main cocaine distribution center for shipments aimed at British users. Seven years ago “Operation Shovel,” an international law enforcement mission, discovered the Costa del Sol criminal empire, valued at £1 billion, international security observers rating Costa del Sol Spain’s most influential cartel.

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Observations of an Expat: Gibraltar


Tom Arms

Gibraltarians are happy people. They should be. The Rock is the second most prosperous territory in the EU. The economy is growing at an astonishing ten percent a year and has been for some time. Unemployment is less than half of one percent.

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How to deal with the threat of the Islamic State


Philipp Müller

In the aftermath of the terror attacks on Paris by the Islamic State (IS) on Friday, 13th November 2015, it has become more important than ever for European policymakers to determine how to deal with the threat posed by the IS. The French president Francois Hollande has announced to wage a ‘pitiless war’ against the IS and French aircraft have increased their bombing raids on IS-held territory in Syria. However, the IS has been the target of bombing raids by the United States air force for over a year now and shows no sign of collapsing.

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Is Slavery the cause of Africa’s underdevelopment?



A case study of Nigeria


Ajise Vincent

In the year 1442 the Portuguese started the transatlantic slave trade by taking solace along a settlement near the gulf of Guinea, now known as the present day Nigeria. There had already been slavery prior to the Portuguese invasion with men and women carted away following wars to become servants. These men and women were made to perform menial jobs of servitude for their conquerors.

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Hard Truth with Anant Mishra: Understanding the need to reform the United Nations Security Council

UNSC unable to sign resolution on Syria war



Anant Mishra


“We need a reform of the Security Council. It must be perceived as truly representative of all 193 member states, to uphold the credibility and legitimacy of the UN as the main political arena” – Anna Lindh (former Foreign Minister of Sweden and former Chairman at the Council of the European Union).

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