My Papillon-Like Obsession!


Mansour Rad

From the very beginning, I mean when I was a child and my father took me to a movie theater in Tehran, screening ‘Papillon‘, the great 1973 movie, I felt it was something that I had never experienced and when we were leaving the salon among the crowd of people, I was unable to say even a word about it, despite prior times that I used to immediately question my father in a row about the movie we had watched.

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Iranan writer faces 6 years for her unpublished fictional story about stoning

Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee


Amnesty International

The Iranian authorities must immediately repeal the conviction and sentence of Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, a writer and human rights activist who is due to begin serving a six-year sentence for charges including “insulting Islamic sanctities” because she wrote an unpublished fictional story about stoning, Amnesty International have stated.

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Oman: a Peaceful Oasis in a Flaming region


Dr. Fadi Elhusseini

In a fractious, unstable region rife with conflicts, one country appears to be unscathed. It is telling that Oman emerged not only intact from the ramifications of the Arab Spring, but also shied away from the tense polarisation that has hijacked the rest of the Middle East.

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