Taiwan keen on bettering ties with India

Reuters photo



Jose Kalathil

The island country of Taiwan having a population of 23 million is keen on strengthening relations with the second largest economy in Asia, in the fields of trade, tourism, education, culture and business.

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Forum to boost tourism in Senegal’s Casamance


Alpha Jallow

Local authorities and stakeholders in the tourism sector are holding a three-day regional forum to reactive the activities of tourism in the restive Casamance region in Southern Senegal.

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Taiwan: Best Country For Tourism


Chung Kwang Tien

No wonder. Krishan Kumar Modi, a savvy businessman and one of the richest Indian entrepreneurs in the Forbes list, picked the right place to celebrate his grand birthday as Taiwan has just been ranked firstĀ out of 67 countries in the overall ranking of the best place for expats in 2016 by the International surveyor Expat Insider.

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Observations of an Expat: The Battle of the Theme Parks


Tom Arms

The troops are lining up for the battle of the theme parks in China. On one side are Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Co. On the other are a battalion of dragons and 4,000 years of civilisation.

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