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A Man Marries a Little Girl in Nigeria as Part of Culture

AP photo   By Joseph Besong In Africa culture plays a very big role in marriage, especially in the traditional setting. Some marriages still accept old traditions that look ancient and old fashioned.

Why Curse When You Can Comfort?

Chris Lee   By Akinpelu Yusuf Why do we curse? Is it a curse for some people to curse? Or is a curse a course in some people’s faculty? Must we always curse? Should we even ever curse at all? If the word curse is becoming too repetitious, apology. Don’t curse me yet!

A typical African Christmas celebration

By Joseph Besong Christmas, though a Christian feast, is celebrated with a lot of fanfare in Africa. Everyone in the continent, young, old, rich, Christian, pagan, etc, partake in the feast. If you want to know the hospitality of Africans, visit any country of your choice during the Christmas period.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

VE photo   By Hazel Speed If young people and children living in the UK were asked if they knew the meaning of Remember, remember, the 5th of November!  – would they know to what it referred? I guess a lot would depend on the ‘cut off’ point regarding age group, and interestingly enough, the […]

The religious recluse of the Oro cult and Yoruba bardic tradition

By Shola Balogun This study examines the indigenous institution of the Oro cult, its organizations and the various dramatic components embedded in the nocturnal processions of its religious recluse.

Traditional Religious Festival as Theatre

RCT photo   By Shola Balogun ‘Oro’ is a secret society whose cultic ceremony is connected with ancestral worship. Its festival performances begin with the offering of sacrifices in the shrine known as ‘Igbo Ooto’ (Oro grove).

The Last Night of the Proms – Post Brexit

Leon Neal/AFP   By Hazel Speed It is with great pride I write my own account of watching The Last Night of The Proms on BBC television this evening (Saturday 10th September 2016) – the 122nd such event since initiated by Sir Henry Wood, its Founder.


By Gary Beck

The influence of western culture on Indian society

By Semon Swaraj India is a secular country where people have the freedom to practice any religion and even convert to another religion of their choice.