Ritual Murder In Africa


Reuters photo



Isaac Abban

It is quiet surprising and undoubtedly a worrying trend as to why most African societies allow barbaric cultural and superstitious practices to exist in this age of enlightenment and scientific reasoning.

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My Idea of a Nation


Tejasvi Saxena

This 1905 painting by Abanindranath Tagore depicts “Bharat Mata” or “Mother India”. Depicted in a tranquil pose, wielding boons to her inhabitants or devotees, the painting humanises a congeries of geographical expressions, encompassing multi ethnic, cultural, linguistic, religious diversities. The tradition of considering every inanimate object as symbolic of veneration, glorifies the idea of Mother India that’s been contemporary and so disputable in today’s context.

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A Man Marries a Little Girl in Nigeria as Part of Culture

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Joseph Besong

In Africa culture plays a very big role in marriage, especially in the traditional setting. Some marriages still accept old traditions that look ancient and old fashioned.

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Why Curse When You Can Comfort?

Chris Lee



Akinpelu Yusuf

Why do we curse? Is it a curse for some people to curse? Or is a curse a course in some people’s faculty? Must we always curse? Should we even ever curse at all? If the word curse is becoming too repetitious, apology. Don’t curse me yet!

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A typical African Christmas celebration


Joseph Besong

Christmas, though a Christian feast, is celebrated with a lot of fanfare in Africa. Everyone in the continent, young, old, rich, Christian, pagan, etc, partake in the feast. If you want to know the hospitality of Africans, visit any country of your choice during the Christmas period.

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Remember, remember the 5th of November

VE photo



Hazel Speed

If young people and children living in the UK were asked if they knew the meaning of Remember, remember, the 5th of November!  – would they know to what it referred? I guess a lot would depend on the ‘cut off’ point regarding age group, and interestingly enough, the North-South divide also.

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