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The Tragic Conventions In African Plays

Patrick Willocq   By Shola Balogun The traditional Africa is undoubtedly communal. The passivity and conformity of the African under a compelling authority can be explained in accordance with his affirmation of self-will and perception of collective spirit. His penchant for honour is far more intricate and demonstrably cultural.

The Bradford 56

Photo Rex   By Hazel Speed The 56 relates to those who sadly lost their lives due to the horrific fire at Bradford City Football Ground in May 1985.


    By Val B. Russell   Maritime stories have always captivated readers with tales of ship wrecks, pirates and the battle of man against the raging sea. Moby Dick, The Old Man and the Sea, Treasure Island etc, the list is endless. Most are works of fiction, fanciful and designed to entertain mainlanders who […]