The Price of Fear, the Price of Dictatorship

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Sami Jamil Jadallah


Revisiting the Arab Spring


I grew up when there were curfews that lasted for days, when listening to the wrong radio station could land you in jail, when a stupid, illiterate “security/mokhabarat” could haul you to jail for no reason and I remember when and actually saw “darak” policemen on horses raid villages breaking into homes mixing rice, oil, lentil and flour in the middle of the floor.

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Inquest into the Tunisian Beach Terrorist Shootings

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Hazel Speed

One cannot grasp the magnitude of such a terrible event unfolding in front of one’s eyes, within seconds, and whilst relaxing on holiday lounging on a beach. No wonder survivors are still suffering from post traumatic stress.

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Totalitarian dominance within African Democracy


Ogunniyi Abayomi

The recent Ghanaian election was observed as the exemplary illustration of a democratic state within its sphere of power. The display of maturity during the election between President Mahama over the loss of the presidential seat to Nana Akufo-Addo exhibited the total value demonstrated for the satisfaction of the masses, rather than the selfish desire to rule.

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Africa hobbling out of the International Criminal Court


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Joe Khamisi

Africa, it seems, has begun the long-talked about process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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No let-up on illegal African migration to Europe

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Joe Khamisi

“Just like a Slavery Boat” was one of the headlines the New York Times recently chose to describe the dehumanizing conditions in decrepit wooden boats African migrants use to escape misery, authoritarian regimes, ethnic massacres and poverty, to seek a better life in Europe.

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Truck ‘terrorist’ kills 80 in attack on Nice Bastille Day crowd

Eric Gaillard/Reuters



Sophie Sassard and Michel Bernouin

A “terrorist” gunman killed 80 people and wounded scores when he drove a heavy truck at high speed into a crowd that had watched Bastille Day fireworks in the French Riviera city of Nice late on Thursday, officials said.

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Back to square one!


Shakeel Haider

It’s no more a unipolar world but a world with a total breach of peace and harmony. History either repeats itself or not but the world situation looks like very much like the decade of the 1980s.

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