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    Jan 10

    Since my earliest childhood a barb of sorrow has lodged in my heart. As long as it stays I am alive, if it is pulled out I shall die.

  2. Jan 26

    Her long, straight, dark hair a short, wispy impostor atop her porcelain head. The cracks show.

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    Jan 6

    In our current issue Peter Adamson tries to get to the bottom of one of the broadest branches of .

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    29 Dec 2016

    Great writers on the singular power of music – Vonnegut, Sontag, Woolf, Huxley, Whitman, Nietzsche, and more

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    26 Dec 2016

    Arabic translators did far more than just preserve Greek philosophy:

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    25 Dec 2016

    Researchers probe what's behind delusional misidentification syndrome

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    5 Dec 2016

    Why do we think in words?

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    12 Nov 2016

    Gustave Flaubert's handwritten travel diary cross outs and comments reveal Madame Bovary author’s literary struggles

  9. 8 Nov 2016

    "A shapeless voice from the dark is pleased with her perspective. “Yes,” says the dark, coiling around her waist."

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    5 Nov 2016

    Research shows that individual neurons in the brain can slumber, especially when we are sleep-deprived

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    28 Oct 2016

    Congrats to Shel Silverstein who is this year's posthumous Original Art Lifetime Achievement Award Winner from The Society of Illustrators!

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    24 Oct 2016

    In striving to understand the consciousness of non-human creatures, we come closer to understanding ourselves:

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    6 Oct 2016

    "The reason for living was to get ready to stay dead for a long time." William Faulkner's AS I LAY DYING was first published in 1930

  14. 24 Sep 2016
  15. Retweeted
    23 Sep 2016

    e-life is distracting, but rarely as pathologically as described in this article (which, of course, I read online):

  16. 22 Sep 2016

    "At forty he tried to close his eyes. It was enough, what he’d seen...But he saw."

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    19 Sep 2016

    Where Elon Musk's Interplanetary Transporter Should Go Next

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    14 Sep 2016

    On September 16, Earth’s shadow will darken the moon in an ethereal event known as a penumbral eclipse

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    13 Sep 2016

    Remember Dante, who died on this day in 1321,with Blake's stunning art for his Divine Comedy

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    11 Sep 2016

    Explore a 14th-Century Encyclopedia of Everything Known to Arab Civilization

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