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Steve Shultz


Eyes macro
focus tiny fibers
not against
but into grain

tears dried
from spilled milk
learning to accept
setting stains

true teacher
imprints soul
lessons permanence
never to be erased

carving new life
from rotted log
whittle top notches
fate forms callous

times very fabric
shredded paper sheets
confetti for the masses
hands clap off-key

habit forced
succumbed to shadows
rhinoceros rides
on shattered shoulders

nurture numbness
dumbfound diversion
learning to love
hateful humanity

enjoy sand in hourglass
or bargain for a beach



French Toast


Steve Shultz


I miss the sleepovers
French toast
Sunday mornings
eggs cracked
and whisked
to perfection
bread dipped
and sizzled
in the skillet.

I miss your basement
bar, fridge
stocked with
full-strength soda
maraschino cherries
grandpa’s collection
of vinyl and 8-tracks
Sinatra was there
and Nat King Cole.

I miss the maple tree
Halloween candy
in abundance —
an understatement.
I miss that house
moments now burned
down to the ground
leaving ashes
fragmented memories.

Whisk me away to a long-gone day.


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    • Michael December 09, at 09:44

      Hi Gabriel, I am not laying down my pen 'till I live fully and die empty. In projecting Ghana and Africa as a continent, let the pen be our tongue and as a strong magnet of warfare. Thanks good friend

  1. Oneal Walters December 05, at 13:51

    Hi Michael Poets are who they are, I love the 4th stanza. Especially this part. ‘Coz I have one life, one breath, passionately, to do poetry”. Oneal

    • Michael December 09, at 09:14

      Thanks Oneal, Poets have an insightful zeal and as prophets, I guess our language must sought to teach beauty and all the natural sense of our living. Thanks Oneal and OW News for the drive and opportunities offered moi.

  2. Giff ford December 05, at 07:05

    Michael‘s poem is splendid! Just love that style.

    • Michael December 09, at 09:27

      Thanks Giff Ford, I am grateful for the warm comment and appreciating my piece. Your message soothes my soul 'coz it was posted on the exact day of my birth.

  3. Ronald Fischman December 04, at 01:50

    The kinesthetic wisdom of "dive" comes at me from the p.o.v. of the watched as well as the watcher. Also, the act inarguable meaning, the specifics of which can be debated. Not all poets can transform acts as physical as the dive, with the physical manipulation of the body to prepare for the dive, into paeans to aesthetics and significance. 9.9!!

    • Michael December 09, at 09:30

      Thanks Ronald Fischman, Wow.... In-depth language thought. Thanks for the compliments and the high score 9.9. Stunning! It makes me wanna write more. Stay blessed and please do read more of me


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