March 1, 2012 Editorial





“Beware the Ides of March” was a dark and menacing warning to Julius Caesar to be wary on the 15th, and with good reason as he was assassinated in the senate on that date. Luckily for Tuck, we publish on March 1st, or the ‘Kalends’ according to the old Roman Calendar…


and as it is the beginning of the very month that ushers in spring and longer days of sunlight for most of the planet, it is an excellent metaphor for the contents of this issue.  As promised, we have expanded our repertoire to include film. To open up the theater door, Editor Michael Organ has a fantastic in-depth interview with debut Independent  film maker Marcus Markou and as an added treat, his short film “The Last Temptation of Chris” is here for you to watch so that you can whet your appetite for more of his insightful and thought provoking social commentary.


March poets in Tuck are so diverse, eclectic and talented that it would be a a disservice for me to try to describe them! You just have to take a jaunt over to the poetry section and read for yourself because you are in for some mind expanding verse of the highest order this month.

March Flash Fiction is surprising and moving and catches you completely off guard in both stories. Read the first, breathe, then read the second and then realize how far out of  your life the writer Peter T. Masson has taken you.

March Short Story writer Allen Kopp has written something that is sad, socially astute, affecting and it will give you pause for quite some time after its reading.

Editor Selma Sargent has a wonderful review of Kristina Marie Darling’s The Body is a Little Gilded Cage, a book of intangible beauty, introduced as only Selma could, with a graceful understanding of the author’s intent.

Photography for March comes courtesy of the seriously talented Simon Croft. I will say nothing about his images but this: they are astounding.

 Artist for March Gérard Stricher touches the viewers senses, his painting both provocative and arresting. He is in a league of his own artistically, so profound.


Happy Spring, avoid the ides March and enjoy feeding your soul with the words and art this month in Tuck!


Val B. Russell

Managing Editor

Tuck Magazine



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  1. Selma March 29, at 01:54

    Those ides of March coupled with mercury going in and out of retrograde make me want to go to bed and stay there (while reading Tuck, of course.) Another excellent isue, Val.


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