Hannah Uzor’s remarkable art allows us a glimpse into her memories of growing up in Zambia. Everyday life alive on canvas, a past captured with passion and belief from an artist true to herself and time. Each piece is its own fiery delight, an energy aglow with sparkle and spirit. 



A life lived in beginning. Each yellow-red dances with the skin, around and within, as delicately bold strokes of intensity strike, forming the self and surroundings. Beauty in interpretation. A portrayal pure from the heart, beating from memory to a time of truth. Whisper the air to a sky listening, all around living and breathing with you.


Colours richly blend in time to create a tradition familial, showing perfectly each to their own guiding sun.  An origin, birth bathed in flow; an all red glow. The beauty of oneself or another, a feeling rather than seeing. No more colourfully shown than from within, the memory recalled by the heart. (A) Being :Life.


Traditional rhythms dance in soil and yellow swelter, cool in certainty and self. In a landscape felt, the bright brown red of everyday separates the shine, becoming one in its dance with the sun. Throughout, seasons swirl and mingle in one’s own spiritual journey of beginning, the energy being truth, alive to being.


Hannah’s art continues to astound, its earthiness rich and proud, vibrant as the soul it lives from.


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