Bodies of two missing African Americans exhumed in Ghana

May 8, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Charles Ayitey

Intense criminal  investigations are pending  in Ghana following the mysterious murder of two African Americans.

A 75 year old lady, identified only as Mamlena, together with a 60 year old Nzinga, are suspected to have been kidnapped and murdered in their room in the small of Akosombo in the Eastern Region.

So far, the acting president of the Akwamu Traditional Council has ordered a police search for the two missing persons as the Akosombo Divisional Commander, ACP Bosompem confirmed that a burial site had been found on Wednesday morning and is accordingly waiting for the CID headquarters in Accra to assist in investigating.

Mamlena and Nzinga, leaders of the African Amerian Community in Akwamu, are alleged to have been accused by the Chieftancy Minister, Dr. Seidu Danaa, of “illegally” acting as chiefs.

Subsequently these Americans have been living in fear following threats on their lives.

Legal procedures have thus commenced as sources say leaders are in Accra to inform the US Embassy and the families of the two women.

In the meantime, two suspects have been picked up by the Akwamu police for questioning.






Charles Ayitey 

Charles Ayitey is from Accra, Ghana and works as a Broadcast Journalist for Business Television Africa.


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