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Aremu Adams Adebisi






After plays of the midnight band,

We strolled late past the lone parkland;

She kissed gracefully my lips more

As we danced through the backyard door.


On the grassy field we came by

The twinkling stars above the sky.

How truly they were eyes of Zeus

Tales she told me in lovely blues.



The moon let out its full-blown light

And gave this field a lovely sight.

The wind blew gently purple chives

Towards our hearts where true love lives.


The crickets chirped in muddy floor

And gave our heart a long for more.

The plants glowed under gleaming moon

Waiting to dance to love songs soon.


Behind the trees we hid our scars

And sang love to the twinkling stars.

I rested beside a palm-tree,

She offered rose on bended knee.


On it we saw a glowing seed

With heart of love; uncommon breed.

We wished upon it lovely fate:

Forever ever we’ll be mate.


I woke up to the lies of dream

That flowed my visual teary stream .

Didn’t they say some dreams come true?

How I wish this one could be too.


My heart wandered promptly indeed

And wished upon the glowing seed:

The stars should make us peas in pod

If truly they were eyes of god.


My soul knelt down in longing scars

Sang her love to the twinkling stars,

Hoping this stranger to his bliss

Will sing his wherever she is.









ADEWUMI (A Stanzaic Acrostic)



Aloud, lovers think of their love

As it blooms toward its ripeness.

Allowed hearts are to fill spaces

And the vacuums left in distress.


Dew of my recent morning bliss

Did the jinx of my sobriety.

Due to her graceful enchantment,

Despised factors had let me be.


Eve she is to her dear Adams,

Ever-loving and romantic.

Eavesdropping earth spoons us burden,

Earnestly, it but makes love thick.


Wait for the sun Adewumi,

Which would wheel us in sunny gears.

Weight of its moon during eclipse

Would wear out glimpse of troubling fears.


Unyielding is a buried word

Until the stars replace the sun.

Unyielded goes the talk of rites

Untimely, till we become one.


Made you are from the bone of me,

Moulded with the touches of sky.

Maid of heaven where God’s throne sits – Mother of beings with gleeful eye.


Invincibly our love will grow

Into tunes that make the world sing.

Invisibly your crown befits,

In as much as I am your king.








Aremu Adams Adebisi

Aremu Adams Adebisis is a poet of classical, lyrical and indigenous poems. He is a member of distinctive poetry groups among which are the ‘Wrr’, ‘FOS’, and the ‘Poetic Elephants (Ayanmo)’.


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