November 5, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Gurpreet Singh Rana



Beasts of Burden



Blinded, yoked

in lure of measly fodder

pull and trudge

unpalpable hunger

satiated not


Beasts of burden driven

by task master Karma

move incessantly

vicious circle

encompassed not


Spent and used

oft repent now

rue the missed exits

golden chance forfeited

time flees, waits not








Soulless Love



She lies still, moves not

eyes fixed on the ceiling

The satin gleams diabolically

ruffled by the rotating fan


Her hide sensation less

to the lecherous  kisses

Saliva drips down her bosom

fan doesn’t seem to stop


Bites don’t curdle the blood

rushes out profusely instead

Wallpaper goes crimson

the fan squeals helplessly


Parched and adorned by ichor

her lips seal a muffled noise

Fan’s voice turns into a cacophony

disgruntled with the proceedings


Done with her, he stops

sheen less satin lies crumpled

Fan moves at an agonizing speed

as if mourning the desecration


Two tears on either cheek

vouch that she is alive

Fan almost silent now

witness to the soulless love







Gurpreet Singh Rana

An entrepreneur by profession and poet by heart, that’s how you describe Gurpreet Singh Rana. Coming from a culturally rich country, India, his endeavor has always been to put spirit behind his words. He writes in Hindi and Punjabi too. His work finds a place in different magazines and online sites.


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