December 9, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Stanley Princewill McDaniels



Walls of Diamonds



my heart is an empty warehouse

in the middle of nowhere;

your smiles are the lights

glowing, radiating without bulbs

your memories are the walls

made of diamonds & there you are-

speaking to my yearnings by your touch

ever tender,

the tenderness of your embrace,

the embrace of your warmth,

the warmth of your fingers,

your fingers stripping me free

of rumbling fears


your breath is air

motioning the birds of the sky

your eyes are two realms,

two fantasies,

two celestial oceans all at once

your lips are two perfumed petals


& every kiss is a brief death

that takes me to a garden in the clouds

and I’m speechless,



speechless & stunned

all at once







Two Hearts



distance is a tiny sea

between two hearts

my breath is a fragrance

from the garden in the sky

that bridges the aching distance


between our lips







Stanley Princewill McDaniels

Balogun Stanley Princewill McDaniels is a Nigerian writer & realist who believes humans are their own strangers- a mere sketch of that which dwells within. His works have appeared on the Kalahari Review, Sentinel Quarterly Magazine, Brittlepaper, Write Paragraph amongst others.

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