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Prince A McNally



Who Will Cry For Palestine?




The people…

Hereby blindly/ follow/ the leader

Singing the false virtues

of a paper democracy tattered

with lies and hypocracy


Intricately woven in to the fabric

of our flag and our psyches

A flag we so proudly wave

in the winds of blind patriotism


Every Fourth of July

joyously we revel

in unabashed freedom


While ironically, the U.S. and her allies,

Shamelessly suppress the rights of freedom,

in third world countries around the globe.


These countries,

suffer at the hands

of our indifference

of our ignorance

of our silence

of our fear


Perhaps, that’s why no one speaks out against

Israel’s constant bombings of Palestine.

Where tyranny reigns from dark, crimson skies with the steady hand of an angry God.


The whistling thunder of mortars,

from rocket launchers

paint the terrain…with a horrible picture of death…Scattered parts of burning flesh

Lie amongst fallen concrete and twisted metal.


These attacks come and go

like a passing storm

Leaving in it’s wake,

a shattered people

with shattered dreams,

in a broken /war torn /country


A country torn apart…at the seams

by the greed and savagery

of their Isreali oppressors


And yet, the tender minds of the children

still flourish with dreams

They dream of growing up one day

For somehow they imagine themselves

building a future in this chaotic world of

mortar bombs and crumbling buildings


They dream of someday getting married

And having their own families


But for now, they’re just innocent children

Playing children’s games amidst crumbled ruins.


Remarkably, their precious smiles and laughter

seemingly override their fear of this hell

in which they live in. For hell has become their playground…where buildings that were once their homes, their schools, their hospitals

and places of worship…have been reduced to mere rubble and dust…

The shattered remnants of war, of hate, of greed and oppression.


These crumbled buildings now serve as

mass graves for the thousands buried

beneath them… Thousands of innocent civilians…women, men and children.

Some, who may never receive, a decent funeral. Because their families couldn’t find them or even identify them.


And what of the survivors ?

Many of them children…

Some who have lost their limbs

Some who were left as orphans


Who will care for them?

Who will cry for them?


We must not forget about them

We must say their names out loud

We must hold their bright smiling faces

in the palms of our dreams, if only to see them as human beings in our guiltless sleep.


I wonna know…

Who’s crying for Palestine?

Who’s waving their flag for the world to grieve ?


Can someone please tell me

Where’s the consistency?

Where’s the overwhelming show

of sympathy, of empathy, of solidarity?


Where’s the huge outpouring of humanity,

we so eagerly wore on our sleeves

For the one hundred and sixty or so

people murdered in France?


Where are the Palestinian flags

overtly waving on our Facebook profiles,

our twitter pages, and our bumper stickers?


Does the fact, those being slaughtered

are muslims, subconsciously render these atrocities any less worthy, any less… horrific?


The poisonous seeds of ignorance and fear

can often be blinding, thus numbing our hearts

to the struggles of others.


We must ask ourselves this question

To what degree does racism, fear and religion

influence our ability to actually see?

To actually feel compassion and empathy

for those who are truly suffering?


And then…

We must ask ourselves why…

Why is this happening?

And where is the world wide uproar?

Where is the outcry to stop these outrages bombings?


Why are we turning a blind eye

to obvious war crimes?


Clearly this is


Ethnic Cleansing!!!


So why are we not angry?!!!

Why are we not outraged?!!!



Why are we not…crying!!!

For the people…


of Palestine?












My Dear Readers



My Dear readers,


Please allow me to begin

First by thanking you all for taking

a moment of your most precious

time to read these humble musings


We poets are such a strange lot

I often find myself contemplating…

What is it that compels us to be this way

To do what we do…

To boldly share our storms…

Allowing our joy, our pain,

And our scandals to lie open and exposed…bare naked upon a bed of in-obscurity


For the sake of humanity…

We selflessly uphold life’s mirror,

Reflecting the burdens of your lives

through our own. For it is our creed, that we openly bleed the blues that others hold so true.


We bear our souls to you,

without a second moment of thought,

Completely gutting our selves

Allowing the blue blood of our truth

To slowly ooze from the whaling

mouths of our pens, upon virgin sheets of paper, eager to absorb the bloodstains of our bleeding footprints, which bellow the essence of our stories…The joy and tortures of our souls.


With brush strokes of creativity, we aspire to paint so beautifully, life’s tragedies…


Shining a light upon the genius of her complexity.


Think of us as literary vampires,

Surviving off the blood/ of our errant pens…

slowly/sucking them/dry


Earnestly we scribe,

with the unwithering hope of shaping someone’s mind, touching someone’s heart…far off in to the future,

long after we’re gone and buried.


Hence my query…

Why are we so utterly consumed,

by this thirst for writing…

Maybe it’s our way of stating our significance…defining our purpose,

within this world.


Or perhaps

It’s our quest for immortality

To live within your hearts…











Prince A McNally

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Prince A McNally is a poet, philosopher, and activist who uses his beautifully eclectic brand of poetry to inspire and enlighten, as well as to champion the disenfranchised. In his spare time, Prince teaches creative writing online and plans to start a creative writing program for youths in the near future.

Mr. McNally’s work has received critical and raved reviews from his fans and colleagues around the world, and is considered one of the most read poets on Facebook today. He’s currently in the process of publishing his (long-awaited) first collection of poems, entitled “Serenity’s Song”.

You can follow him on twitter @princeamcnally or look him up on Facebook under Prince A McNally, where you’ll find many other samples of his magnificent work.


  1. Sandra Feen May 29, at 13:18

    Bravo, Prince! I had the pleasure of meeting and first hearing Prince perform at the National Beat Poetry Festival, in Connecticut. He is a marvelous lyrical poet whose work often addresses social issues and always pertinent matters of the heart. His delivery is impeccable and truly an unforgettable experience!

  2. Prince McNally November 29, at 09:01

    Amos, my brother... I humbly apologize for the late reply. I've only just discovered your wonderful comments since revisiting this page. Thank you, my friend, I am truly humbled by your kind words of praise.

  3. Prince McNally November 29, at 08:25

    Thank you, Fee. I apologize for my tardy reply. I just finished revisiting this page and I'm truly humbled by your kind words. Bless you! :) ?

  4. felicia thomas August 16, at 01:15

    Prince A McNally forces my brain to find fresh pathways to thought. He challenges me . He makes me want to know more, become more knowledgeable , become more awake. Read. Him.

  5. Amos Bipialaka Joshua August 10, at 17:53

    Prince A McNally is both my mentor and creative writing tutor. I haven't had the opportunity to sit on the same table with him, or even to have a hand shake. I haven't known him for long. But yet I can vouch for his awesome personality within this little space of time I've known him. Even if you'd never come across him personally, he gives himself to you in his works. His personality reflects within every single line of a awesome verse, keeping you glued to read till the end, and over again... Keep going sir Prince. The world needs to read you... ? ? ?


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