August 30, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Dwiraj Bose



Sheena Pillai Singh






An autumn dusk

The stage was set;

a dream debut

glee in her eyes

spilled out faith

in her Master’s gift…

Gazing around

to have a glimpse,

to touch his feet..

She stood alone

on an empty stage

yearning for him


to hold her hand,

together they set

the dance floor on fire…

The stage was all hers

leaving her hand

amidst their journey,

he turned his back

never to return;

little could he fathom:

sacrifice is unique

true love is priceless..











Blind rain drops

washing blood stains on her scars

where is the Sun?









Sheena Pillai Singh

I am an Engineer by profession, working in New Delhi. Interested in reading and writing poetry / stories since my college days. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback.


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