September 29, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Tejasvi Saxena






Silence is a symphony of bare homes

That flourishes in a rhythm of longing

Where dust of space piles on clocks

On books & pens & drawing curtains


On mirror which myths the faces of smiles

Of pain, of rapture, of calm, of delight

All await to hear a sound

A whisper, a talk or laugh resounds


An empty chaos

Where, absence floats

The same one that longs to embrace,

The silhouettes of its lost frames


Such silence perturbs through lively tenors

A whirring of wings

Or, crackling leaves

Chirping crickets

Or, humming bees. . .


Gracious visitors of such homes

Who promise to wait for life

A dweller to play music of soulful vibe.










My Cacophonous Quests




To find oneself in a cacophony

Or lost fragments of a former self

Is to wander in a jungle of foliage leaves

A dense one maybe. . .


I find here pieces of me

Fragile and tender they may be

I may hear echoes of laughter

Or, glint of hope in trails of eyes


I sense the frailty of mortal life

In hollow mouths and wry smiles

And find some naivety of mine

In careless squabbles of restless minds. . .


I decipher the meaning of existence

In jostling bodies, wriggling for space

Anonymous am I

Anonymous are they

Is that what it resembles?


We both are figures unknown to you

An element of absurd, or profound maybe?

I can’t say

Perhaps, that too I shall seek

While finding myself in a cacophony.










Tejasvi Saxena

Tejasvi Saxena is a bilingual poet, writer and thinker who writes in English and Hindi. His areas of interest include Art, Culture, Nature, Music, Films and Books. His works have been published in The Visual Verse (Germany/UK) and Muse India.

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