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Nwibo Chinecherem Precious



Sports and Life



Basketball is all about skills:

The dribbling of opponents represents life’s struggles

Attempt to pass opponents shows breaking through obstacles

Just as the player aims for the basket on top

So does a man aim to go higher in life

When the ball goes into the basket

Points are scored and equally recorded

So is man’s achievement in life recognized

At the end of the game results are announced

So is man’s account of life presented


Badminton needs rapt attention and concentration

As the opponent sends the supposed obstacle

And man fails to overcome by hitting back

Then he loses a point

Without concentration in life, we lose everything

We waste the opportunities life presents


Football requires skills and focus

The demand for concentration is high

Players are expected to have fighting spirits

Man needs this spirit to face his challenges

Tricks and dribbling are needed and so is tactics,

When a point or goal is achieved/scored

Deep happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment sets in

Man’s dreams are attained

But he struggles the more, for more.








Life and Race



Life is a race

Even before one was conceived

One ran for 3mm per minute to be received

What differs is the pace


In the race of life we run

No one wants to be won

Sometimes we act like we’re one

But no one knows when he will be done

And it’s of no doubt we will be gone


While we are on earth we’ll burn

To let the world know that we have come


To introduce ourselves, we need a horn

As we aim to the smiling sun


Just the thought of being on a mission

Is enough to set you on a motion

I tried giving it an imagination

But was held by friction

I nodded in quick succession

And knew it was not an illusion










Nwibo Chinecherem Precious

Nwibo Chinecherem Precious

Nwibo Chinecherem Precious, is from Abakiliki, Nigeria. At sixteen years, she writes poems and stories. She reads avidly. Currently, she is preparing to pursue a degree in law.

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