Synchronicity and propriety

December 15, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

I was preparing to go for a hospital appointment, one which had been put back about three times due to the Doctors’ strike. This is said from the perspective of why the detail herein below is even more synchronistic, as the delays regarding my appointment had a feel that the dice was being rolled a few times before the date and time was set in stone. This article is not, therefore, about the Doctors’ strike.

I am also no stranger to different senses of intuitions (good or bad) and that facility was also one I inherited.

Today, I sensed that something different from the norm may occur (nothing to do with my planned appointment or any subsequent tests). The feeling was strong but although I often have specific aspects to be prepared for, on this occasion nothing more was forthcoming.

To be honest, I was also wishing I did not have to go out at all.

All that aside, I had chosen a seat on the train but the sun was flashing into my eyes as the journey progressed, therefore I decided to move to the opposite seating area, one which I would not normally sit within either. So yet another roll of the dice.

As I had a small radio with me and ear-phone, I decided to listen to the news and close my eyes. Not many other people were seated nearby except another person about my age and she was busy writing emails.

A number of stops later I was aware people were boarding the train and that a person was going to sit opposite me so I ensured they had space.

I did not react, but could not believe my eyes, it was a very famous person indeed.

Even more incongruously, earlier in the year, via an intermediary, they had kindly signed a souvenir of something for me, but of course had never met me.

In true style of the poker term, I kept a poker face.

It would be unfair to intrude on their incognito moment, plus I had the advantage in the situation. I even have the same hairdresser they once used!

Somehow, despite my stoicism I got the feeling they knew that I was aware who they were.

What was also most amusing, we both made a point of looking out of windows at the scenery as the train travelled along, and gave looks of inspection at fellow passengers nearby rather than each other.

Everyone else was oblivious who I was sitting opposite. It was intriguing that this special person was travelling with their back to the engine – something I could never do without being sick. Isn’t it interesting how Agatha Christie observations kick in at times?

I was hoping this ‘traveller’ would make small talk as we were both of former generations who once over may have done that.

Then I realised they could not as their voice was so distinctive.

Thankfully, a false announcement was made on the train to say the next stop was going to be one which we had passed some time back.

As I knew that stop had a relevancy I decided to make a comment that I would to any other stranger in this set of circumstances so I looked at them and said ‘that’s funny, we’d be going backwards wouldn’t we?”

Mercifully, the person smiled and said “That would certainly be an interesting journey, wouldn’t it?”

That golden voice and precise diction confirmed my visual recognition of the person.

I then got off the train a few stops later and the person joined others behind me waiting to leave the train also. By now I wondered if we would be ending up at the same hospital for similar appointments!

So far it has taken me all day to write this as my appointment times were early and every occasion I would start another sentence I was called to the next place to have different tests.

Leaving aside a rather funny Del-Boy incident, I was annoyed that the doctor who started with some preliminary small talk was totally disinterested in my scenario. Then another processing room beckoned my presence and a young medical assistant thought my story was fantastic. A lovely third assistant though, had never heard of the person (and he was in his 40s) so I advised that he asked his Grandparents (grin).

I thought you, the reader, may find this story quite amusing but if I had revealed my knowledge to the person on the train it would have been an infringement of their space, however one day, if ever formally introduced to them, then they may actually remember me but not know why, and perhaps then I can relate events of today, both to the person and to you, the reader.

I seem to cross paths with celebrities in one walk of life or another very easily yet am still trying to get my drama series produced, film rights for e-novel sold, series for animation film and animation film short broadcast in its entirety, because I never seem to find the right people for those. Ironic.

Propriety is important in life too.

Only once did I not advise someone of something that later affected my whole life because my discussion with them required propriety despite the fact I knew them very well. I regret that now as if they had known of a great injustice they most certainly would have rectified matters immediately and even precluded events in the first place. Those were different times and I had to think on my feet. I was also fairly young in relative terms.

So you are thinking, am I going to tell you who my travelling ‘companion’ was today?

Definitely not!

Propriety and all that.

One day, perhaps though, I just might, if and when it has a happy outcome in the future!








Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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  1. P C K PREM December 15, at 09:12

    Propriety is important and so she said gracefully. A very fine read.


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