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Renée C Byer



Stella Allou



Accidentally On Purpose



We met on a rather unusual path

A path not for the strong and steady

But for the wise and discerning mind

As it sounds, it is a journey worth taking


I paid no heed to the birds’ chirping

Nor to the owls’ hooting on the mahogany

I just dared to tread this dangerous path out of curiosity

My mind was busily arguing with my heart, leaving little strength in my body


I fought my way through the thicks and thorns

But deep within me I had been defeated emotionally

This broke me down completely and I couldn’t resist the scorching sun

I longed for the touch, fresh breath and feel of the sea waves

But I had to kiss the ocean goodbye


My body was so ready for the thrill, but my conscience kept pulling me back

This time round, wishes should be aeroplanes so I can fly to feel the sea breeze for a moment

Because a moment by the sea shore gives me satisfaction


But I regret not staying by the seashore a bit

I’m now caught up between the devil and the red sea

Was this accidental or really on purpose?











What light is to the eyes

What air is to the lungs

What love is to the heart

Redemption is to the soul of man


I wouldn’t trade redemption for anything

Not a mine of gold, nor slaves to be sold

Not a ship full of wine, nor a huge amount

Redemption is to the soul of man


How many people would atone for what they know least about

It takes more than physical outlook

To rescue one’s soul from repercussions of his actions

Redemption is to the soul of man


It has never been generational

It is to be fought for: not for our own sake

But for that of the unborn generations

Redemption is to the soul of man


Let’s protect, cherish and value redemption

It is invaluable to lose

It so precious to be thrown away

Redemption is to the soul of man


I don’t want to be remembered as the richest

I don’t wish to be known as the kindest

I prefer to be known as a hero who understood the responsibility that comes with redemption

Redemption is to the soul of man











Stella Allou

Stella Allou is a young lady in her early 20’s from the upper east region of Ghana. Her poems are mostly based on love, life and personal experiences coupled with diverse poetic styles. In 2014, she co-authored a poetry book titled “Colourful Poetry” with Wilson Ayinbangya Amooro also from Ghana. She is a registered general nurse by profession and currently doing her national service. She loves to read novels and poems by other poets.


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