January 25, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Jennifer N. Shannon






pussy hats colored cities across the U.S.

yet 53% thought the oppressor could only

oppress those who were already at the bottom.

too conflicted,


consumed with boredom

to truly believe in a woman’s worth

or pay attention to a woman’s plight

until the woman lost

until the 53%’s rights,


well-beings were at risk

until oppression could equally have its way

appointing people to reverse progress.


53% burns a hole in my mind

won’t wear no pussy hat

it don’t fit

I voted my truth

took my stand

didn’t wait until now to want equality for all

even the 53% who didn’t feel the same for me.










Jennifer N Shannon jns

Jennifer N. Shannon

Jennifer N. Shannon (jns) is an author, writer and artist. Writing is the place she feels the most free and even during “work hours” she is often consumed by an overwhelming desire to share experiences, dreams and anything that has to do with love and truth, with those who like her want to feel and be more than what is considered the norm. She has authored and published three books and has had short stories and poems published by literary magazines. Her published work demonstrates but a portion of the heart and soul of her writing which can also be found on Medium.

jns continues to graciously pour her heart into various forms of expression in hopes of inspiring others…


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