February 21, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Susan Kahil



Fade To Black



Nothing ever lasts even deaths end

It finds its way back into life to reblend

Likened to an evergreen tree is love true

Which must shed old enabling to renew

Love must constantly be rejuvenated

Its aim to be upgraded and updated

So the consciousness becomes ever more aware

That this ‘love’ it needs only to share

The never-ending learnings of a sacred quest

Pulling us forward to be forever blessed

Just as this bodily physicality stays unquenched

The soul inside the metaphysical cannot be entrenched

That’s why there is always a tomorrow

The sun reappears each day to borrow

We climb the steps oftentimes to fall down

Reaching for that glittering prize the enlightened crown

This is why I state my case that nothing ends

Not even does it begin in a way to comprehend

Inside this circle of light we all bleed

Our hues mixed together new stories to read

So relinquish your fears it’s all under control

All that fades to black still remains a part of a whole







Tears Run In Brine



Tears of sadness and of joy

Lighted or a heavy hoy

Run in a salty halite brine

Preserved memory for all time

Happy cries should taste sweet

As sugary crystals to secrete

Both however flow from the same welling source

You can’t know joy without having had pain of course

For if you’ve never felt the anguish and grief of sorrow

They’d be no comparison known for gladness tomorrow

Deep down within your soul those waves of emotions

Contain both your misery and gleeful notions

You would have thought jolly tears would be sweet

All feelings huddle as one inside our heartbeat

A mirrored reflection of sister and brother

Just as light and dark they need each other













Susan Kahil

Susan Kahil singer/songwriter/poet is originally from the UK but has lived in Southern Spain for the past twelve years. In a secluded mountain valley on her olive, orange and avocado farm, surrounded by nature and wildlife is where she gets her inspiration for poetry and original songs. Some of her recent work can be seen in the Poets Anthology ‘Dandelion in a Vase’ and several poems in ‘Raven Cage Ezine’. Susan likes to look for the beauty and infinite potential in all things.


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