March 9, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Olanrewaju Kenneth Kayode



Wole Oguntola






Nightfall came tendering

Hard times we never prepared;

Thrilling to convey a course

In its translucent trap.


Here where we’re lost not found

Into the thicker mouth

Of nightfall, we’re wangled

In its panoramic puzzle.


A traverse, this is on us upon.

A testifier to his ill-testimony

Across this plane profusely;

Subjugating and subduing

Our restless spirit to strangulation.


Who does not know

Nightfall is a charade of charcoal

Pounded and sprinkled

Upon the helpless Earth

Descending like a fallen alien

In its infamous impediments?


You need not forget

A significant shock

Of nightfall we’ve all come with.

For its true worth, is a scar

Stitched in its travesty of days.



Behold in your covering tentacles

All across this plane-

That you came tendering

Thrilling to convey a doom upon.








Doubts of lofty dreams



condescending conventionally homeward

the ruin of retributive rainfall

has led on spatial sphere

are readily flooding dreams

to estuary’s fate.


the Earth is woven

of minted lies, ransacking

market of free commodities.


this has co-opted sorrow

and swampy stagnation

In its prime precinct.


We’re awake into abdication

that has eclipsed firm a night

in the phase of time.


tricky are tuneful tongues

You’ve heard more than once

that pledged honorary freedom

To the captive of hostility.


We’ve held motion to run

Slowly in a cacophonic shuttle

that has conveyed a Nation

through doubts of lofty dreams.








The Obsolete Sun



The obsolete sun has appeared

In the screen of the cloud,

Drenched of drilling

Here to pay homage, a POSTMARK


We’ve woven this a prize

In its husk of thorns.


Brimming the eyes of the Earth

And eyelashes of our coast

In its absorbent eyebrow.


The obsolete sun we’ve all come with

Protrudes a restriction in scope;

In intra-intrinsic projection

Dull and blind.


A crown of thorns

Of the obsolete sun

Placed on skyscraper at Earth-crust

Emitting ray of doom of hope!


One thing we’ve all come with;

The obsolete sun-

We’ve woven this a prize

In its husk of thorns.










Distances, the track is far we all know;

From the back-view of the earth-borderline


The illuminating ray at earth-crust

Followed shadows to the earth-cross road.


Meters and miles impair life.

Improbable journey imperils man.


Life in the manacle of oracles.

Earth, distances the track is far.


The made in the makers’ catacomb

Since the first sun the genesis of crisis.

The cataclysm that emboldens the earth

Sprouts out cactus of beasts’ cacophony.














Wole Oguntola

Wole Oguntola is a poet with two intermittent swords, as well as a short story writer, satirist and critic; whose poems have been published home and abroad. He is also a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors.


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