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Vatsala Radhakeesoon



Standing Alone



Truth, Justice, Honesty –

These paths are often lonely

but to my heart, mind and soul,

they are perfectly friendly


Shallowness, Cowardice, Hypocrisy, Mediocrity

sing the comfort zone song –

the mundane song

amidst the huge crowd

but I refuse to join in


I’m often called “Stupid”

I’m often called “Naive”

I’m often called “Loser”

But I don’t give in


I’m not scared to walk alone,

I’m not solitude phobic,

for some fake, temporary happiness

never will I sell my soul


Up till my last breath,

I will stand alone if I have to

because I know that

within me there’s a leader, a winner

Someone, somewhere on Earth

always has to bell the cat.











Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Born in Mauritius in 1977, Vatsala Radhakeesoon has had a keen interest in poetry and short story writing since a very young age. Her poems have been featured in various local and international newspapers, magazines, journals and anthologies. Her first poetry book ‘When Solitude Speaks’ was published in 2013 on the approval of the Ministry of Arts and Culture (Mauritius).
She is currently self-employed and continues to write poems in English, French, Kreol and Hindi.

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  1. P C K PREM April 28, at 06:18

    A person of ethics often fights a lonely battle but it fulfills you despite failure. Good lyric by a young poet. Keep it up Vatsala R.


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