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Kylli Sparre



Johnny B



The Dream of the Rooted Tree

(For Captain Jack)


Captain Jack is like a pace car with a vision
and a ten year jump on commonality
She is a pirate with a rare sense of
noblesse oblige as she instructs
illusion to make room for truth
And she has the power
to animate both yet
for her the line

She is a whispering star
reminding all other stars
of their greatness
She does not
forget you

She is that rare soul that can take an inkling and a pattern
and raise them up to symbol and color and give them wings
and then make them fly and burst into joyous song

Yet she seeks her solace only in harbors of clowns and pirates
for they are her people Everyone else is just part of the audience
and even then only temporarily for butterflies seldom light

Like a rock thrown into a still pond she has spent her years
creating ripples arriving and departing departing and arriving
Always in motion  Like ice in a warm spring perhaps if she stayed
too long she might very well melt

While it is true the good captain can create dreams on demand and
breathe them into life and while she is a dream weaver there is one
dream she cannot conjure…

It is the dream of the rooted tree




The Colors of Our Friendship


We are two green vines
entwined and meeting and joining
in the blue of a common dream and
vast in its fearless affection

Our friendship is a red braid of common lineage
that ties us back simpatico to a common ensorcell muse

Like an indigo blossoming in a field of imagination we create images
that become voices and together we sing in a strong royal purple chorus

We are two soloists rooted in the very same rainbow

You should know at each amber sunrise this sharing of your journey
brings me hope and once again I am able to defeat the ebony onslaught
of the barbarian hours Your friendship is my vibrant liberator and a shield I wear proudly             This beautiful band of color that we call friendship feels to me like coming home  Its good to be home





Johnny B

I am 65 year old single father. I am semi-retired. I work in local theatre. I have been writing poetry and music for most of my adult life. I live with my 12 year old Jack Russel in a house just north of the Twin Cities.

Writing has become as important to me as breathing. I have produced two chap books which were sold in six bookstores in and around the Twin Cites. I have a web page on allpoetry.com under my name. There you will find over 330 of my poems.


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