September 6, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Maryam Gatawa




Her Shell



He was the shell

She was cuddled in

When her feet coldened

She woke up to the rains

And the shell thawed like ice

As the spring claimed the day


Her pearly glow

Began to fade

When the afternoon

Shone through her skin

The rays couldn’t ladder her to the sky

As the summer

claimed the day


She sloughed off her old skin

Like snake casting away its skin

As the autumn squeezed the day


She wore a brand new

shell and cuddled self in it

when her feet got cold

As the winter claimed the night.





Don’t Fall For Me



Don’t fall for me

I may not be all seas

There are mountains

Inside me


Don’t fall for me

I may not be all rosy

But also thorny


Don’t fall for me

For I am that poison

You’ll come back

For more


If you fall for me

It’ll be like a rising wave

Breaking out its shore

With you on my palm


If you fall for me

It’ll be light like

The autumn leaf

on a snowy flake


But if you do

The Stars will too

The sky will bow

The seas will flow

The moon will glow


For our bonded hearts.






Maryam Gatawa

Maryam Idris Gatawa is a young brilliant poet and writer who lives in Kano, Nigeria. She is a graduate of Economics from Bayero University, Kano; and a human activist with special concern on making the lives of the orphans tear-free. Writing and reading are what give her great joy as a passionate lover of the arts. Some of her appetizing literary works were published in the African Writer Magazine, and her pen name is Meegat. She could be reached via Facebook.

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  1. Maryam September 06, at 08:57

    Yaya Maryam it is iman gatawa from turkey I really want to be a writer like u but can u pls tell me how u achieved this Sincerely ur name sake Maryam Ibrahim

  2. Ahmed Idris September 07, at 01:33

    Maryam i'm really proud of you. You make words so easy but yet powerful when consumed by the mind. Kudos.


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